How much for a keg of beer?
Core beer(available at all times):
     Creamation (Honey Cream Ale)
          $100/sixth keg*
     From My Cold Dead Hand (IPA)
          $105/sixth keg
     6FT Down (Oatmeal Stout)
          $105/sixth keg
     Hell Bound (Honey Brown Ale)
          $100/sixth keg
     Bag O' Bones (ESB)
          $100/sixth keg
     Souless (Scottish Red Ale)
          $105/sixth keg

* Sixth keg approx 40 pints
Contact us for seasonal beer availability

What do I get?
     We provide you:
          - 6 taps Mobile Beer System
          - Coffin (No dead body inside, YET!!!)
     And of course "Steve", He is always on the BuryMeBrewing Hearse with his beer mug and always a smile with his winking eye
     Upon request we can provide you with a private beertender(option) $15/hr plus 20% gratuity min 4 hrs

What do I have to provide?
     You provide:
          - A few 20 lb. bags of ice to keep the brew running cold
          - Glassware (We suggest plastic for safety purposes)
          - A private residence or other location which you have permission to use and serve beer

Can you deliver my beer?
     Unfortunately state law prohibits us from delivering your beer. We will be glad to follow you to the location of your party in the hearse. Setup usually takes no more than 15 or 20 minutes.

Can I let friends know about my party?
     Absolutely Yes, tell all your friends! We will tell the world for you. We'll even post your party on our facebook page(if you 'd like us too)

How far can BuryMeBrewing Hearse go?
     We can drive/serve you in 50 miles radius from our location

How long can I have BuryMeBrewing Hearse on my party?
     4 hours maximum

When I should to reserve and pay?
     All events must be scheduled and paid in full in advance on a first come first served basis.
     Refund is not available but you can always reschedule.
(please let us know a week ahead)

Contact us for availability at